By colin99 •  Updated: 10/03/14 •  1 min read

by Shawn Lonsberry

When turning a double play that was a comebacker to the pitcher and a runner on first, is it better to throw to the shortstop or second baseman and why?


Thanks for the question Shawn.

When turning a double play on a comebacker to the pitcher, it is always easier to turn the double play by throwing to the shortstop at 2nd base. It is easier because the shortstop would already have his momentum moving toward 1st base. This momentum makes for a much stronger throw.

On the flip side, if you had the second baseman covering the bag on a comebacker, his momentum would be going toward 3rd base which makes it more difficult to make a strong and accurate throw.

Lastly, if the coach had the shortstop playing deep in the hole due to scouting an opposing hitter, you would want to communicate with the pitcher that the 2nd baseman is covering the base on a comebacker. Either way, you should communicate with the pitcher EVERY time there is a double play chance at 2nd base. Tell the pitcher who is covering.

Thanks again for the great question!