by Todd VanDerwerken
(Bellevue, Ne)

One of the first things you should do to teach younger players how to field properly is to get them in front of the ball.

What you need: Gloves and balls, two pylons about 10’ apart.

How this drill works: Explain to the kids that they cannot let the ball get past them and cross the imaginary line between the two pylons. You will roll, or bounce the ball towards the player in an attempt to get the ball past them. Instruct them on how to shuffle from side to side with their glove in front of them to get their entire body in front of the ball.

Divide the team up into two or three groups, and roll 5 balls to each player. For each ball they cleanly field is worth 1 point, continue through all of the players and add up the points! Remember….make it FUN!