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by CT

I do not know how many games/tournaments you play but for $225 and a $25 registration fee, that is in line with our local league costs. Locally, that will be for a one jersey/hat/socks uniform and 12 games for the season.

Travel teams usually have a higher cost due to monthly fees – uniform costs, tournament fees, etc. Of course it varies with the type of travel program too.

A neighborhood team coached by a dad usually is the least expensive but a organization coached by a professional can run up to $500/month. People will pay it just to have little johnny have the opportunity to learn from the best.

In Texas, we start practicing in January and tournaments start as early as late january or early february. For those teams that continue on from the fall league usually start off in better shape.

i think you are right on target with the bubble player concept. Seems to be reflective here. We tend to think of AA teams as those who have 2-3 players above average and the remainder with varying skill levels (fielding,hitting.running). AAA tends to be between 5-7 players above average with a few other sprinkled in. Majors teams usually have 9-10 above average players with one or two others on the team.