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by Neil Malm

Baseball Video Analysis

Hello Coach

Did you see they came out with a new app for iPhones called Coach’s Eye? Now coaches can video their player right at practice or at a game and show them what they are doing on their phones. The video can be controlled so you can scroll back and forth and draw some lines and circles to illustrate what you want to show them. It is only $4.99 from TechSmith.

I think this is a great step forwards in coaching. Video coaching like this is the wave of the future.


Thanks for the tip!

After doing some research on the Coach’s Eye app, I am totally in awe! From what I have read online, especially in the reviews section, I cannot wait until I can get this app! I will either need to wait until I get an iPhone or they come out with the Android version, but I will definitely purchase this app!

Whether you’re working on a baseball swing, golf swing, football drill, soccer kick, or yoga posture…Coach’s Eye delivers “ah-ha” moments that elevate athletes from good to great.

What Can It Do?



Be sure to watch the video below!

Coach’s Eye Reviews

Great app!

As a personal trainer, I spend 1 hour with a client and they spend 167 hours of the week doing something else. Clients often forget their program or have trouble with proper form. Coach’s eye allows me to record, edit for form, and cue them through the exercise when I’m not there! It’s simple to use and is easily texted or emailed to the client. I’m a huge fan!

You’ve gotta be kidding?!

They should be asking no less than $9.99 for this app as it stands. Thank you very kindly for allowing me to drop in on this launch sale for next to nothing. This app allows you to render an evaluation in real time w/ audio, and overlays. The overlays are not stuck on the vid for the entire render, rather you just need to hit the clear button on the lower right of screen. I worked with software that wanted more than $1000, and needed a $3000 machine to operate. It was not nearly as user friendly, and did not offer me as much.

Seriously, this was a no-brainer (actually I almost didn’t believe it would be this great, and just about missed it). Don’t make the mistake of missing out on this, just grab it while it’s a $4.99 give-away!