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by Coach Henze

Coaching my 4th-grade son this season has been an emotional struggle. We have a great relationship, but I find it difficult to put my “Dad” hat away when we are working on his baseball skills. I probably have too high of expectations, but all I want is for him to succeed at the game he says he loves…

When I start coaching him, he doesn’t necessarily want to listen right away. We end up very frustrated with each other and there have been times when he ends up in tears. That is NOT what I want to have happen. Baseball is supposed to be fun and not stressful, however I have much to share with him and want him to be a sponge and take everything in…

Over the course of time, we do resolve our differences and he actually does listen and become better. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been heated discussions and tears about helping him improve at hitting (he hasn’t swung at a ball for over 3 games). Finally, we have had a break-through and he is starting to hit the ball very well again.

Why does it take stress to get the point across?

Do you have any stories about coaching your own son? How do you handle these situations?

I love my son and really enjoy the fact that we share a love of this game. I don’t want that to end.

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