Catcher Drills for a Catching Camp

By Dan O'Connell •  Updated: 02/08/19 •  2 min read

How to Run a Catching Camp for Catchers


Do receiving/stance & transfer, blocking each camp, work in tags, throws
Stances, Receiving Drills, Blocking Drills, Transfer Drills,Tagging Drills
Power V Throw, Four Seam Grip



Receiving off wall

Walk Up

Walk Back

Receiving BB Drill

Sitting Receiving

RHP Slider Receiving Drill

Also do start up, throw low.

Catcher Partner Drill

Receiving Underhand Fake

Ball in Hand

Use Tennis Ball

Table Top Receiving Drill

Just do part where hand starts on plate

Rapid Fire Receiving Drill

Get closer to receiver with each throw.

Three Angle Drill

Barehand receiving
Five fast. Barehand receiving and deaden and fall.
Partner Drills – two ball flip catch and flip back with glove hand

Right Knee Left Knee Receiving


Receiving With transfer Around Tee

Transfer and Throw

Walk Through

Full Squat With Shuffle

Barehand With Tennis Ball – Transfer and Throw

Tight End Drill

Get to the side of the baseball. Catch with your right shoulder.

Secondary Stance Rhythm Drill

Receiving drill with fakes. Glove starts on ground. Coach underhands from 15 feet. On fakes, glove cannot start.

Receiving low pitches – drop knee


Hip Outside the Ball

Blocking Progression 1

Tuck Chin

Side to Side Blocking

Side to side blocking with preset hands so we feel our body movement when our hands lead.

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