Bat Size and Brand

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Bat size and brand

by T. Gallagher (Evansville, IN)

My son is 8 years old and will be playing his first year of live pitch this year. He is in need of a new bat and Im not sure which one would be best for him. He is 4’10 and 90 pounds, hes built pretty good, so he could handle a heavier bat. Please give suggestions for the proper length, weight and brand of bat that would be best for him.

Coach Henze’s Answer

Thanks for the question Mr. Gallagher! Based on your description, I would recommend purchasing a 30-31 inch youth bat. The recommended size would be 30 inch, but if he is a stronger kid, you could go up to a 31 inch bat. Be careful with the weight of the bat. Many players, coaches and parents think a heavier bat will lead to more power… That may be somewhat true, but what you gain with distance you will lose with consistency… In other words, your son will not make solid contact as much because he cannot control the heavier bat as easy. You want your son to be able to have as much control as possible. The lighter the bat, the more control he will have to consistently put the barrel on the ball. I would recommend visiting Baseball Rampage’s Baseball Bat Buying Guide and look for the Youth/Little League Bats area for more information. Thanks again for the question. Comment below if you have any questions or other thoughts!