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Baseball umpire training is a common question and concern for many youth baseball umpires, coaches, players and fans every year. It can be very frustrating to be sitting at a 4th grade youth baseball game and the 15 year old umpire keeps making bad calls because he hasn’t had sufficient training. We all get that! Let’s come up with some answers…

Everyone wants the baseball officials, or umpires, to be perfect when that really isn’t possible. They are human, but there should be a level of training that ALL umpires should have to go through, depending on the level of baseball they are umping. However, please understand that most youth umpires simply do it because they love the game. Make sure you respect them even if they make a bad call… Just like Armando Galarraga did.

On this page, we will try to help answer any questions you have about baseball umpires. This isn’t the forum for baseball rules or did he make the right call… If you are looking for Coach Henze’s opinion on a call that you were a part of, visit his baseball rule book question page.

This page is a place to find out more about umpire training and what is, or should be, required for people to officiate different levels of baseball. If you have a question, submit it below. If you just want to read about what other visitors have asked and commented on, you can also read the submissions below.


As said above, it can be very frustrating to be part of a youth baseball game with an umpire that hasn’t been sufficiently trained in what to look for for that level. An ump that is officiating a 3rd grade baseball game needs to know the rules for that league just as much as the guy that is umping a major league baseball game. How big is the strike zone for a 3rd grade team? Are we starting with a 1-1 count? What is the time limit?

Over the many years of my coaching career, it amazes me that youth leagues and tournaments hire umpires, but don’t give them the proper baseball umpire training before they put them into action. It is frustrating for everyone involved, including the umpire.

So, let’s get this discussion going. Share your thoughts and stories above. What have you seen while coaching, playing or being a fan. Help each other out by commenting on their posts.


I am not really sure there is a set answer to this problem other than each umpire should go through an extensive training before they are paid to ump a game. Youth baseball umpires should go through a training day which includes being informed on the rules for all leagues they are umping. At the end of the training, they should complete a test to prove their knowledge.

It wouldn’t be very difficult for every league to set up their own baseball umpire training day that is required each year. Most leagues pay their umpires a decent amount per game. Umping youth baseball games is a great job for high school and college students during the summer. Just be sure to train them, so they have the knowledge to do their job well!

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