By doconnell •  Updated: 04/20/14 •  2 min read

Baseball throwing drills are a necessary part of your youth baseball practice. All good baseball players will have learned, early on, how to throw a baseball properly. When you watch a good baseball player throw, it will almost look effortless but the ball will travel at a high velocity.

Learning how to throw a baseball may seem easy, but it really is not… Youth baseball players need to throw the correct way consistently thousands of times before it becomes natural. Youth baseball coaches need to stress this basic skill repeatedly if his players are going to develop into very good players.

I learned early on, as a youth baseball coach, that baseball throwing drills needed to be used at each and every practice. Most young baseball players don’t know the proper mechanics of throwing. They just play catch and don’t work on anything which will improve their skills and prevent arm injuries.

These throwing mechanics are necessary to prevent arm injuries, get the most velocity on the baseball and to accurately throw the baseball. Most throwing drills are very simple and easy to teach and coaches must take the time to do them.

Throwing drills help prevent elbow injuries, should injuries and overuse injuries. As a youth player, I had a bad elbow because I had a lazy arm so my elbow was always lower than my shoulder when throwing. This put too much tension/pressure on my elbow joint and it always hurt. It took my high school baseball coach to point out my problem. He had me work on my throwing motion daily until it just became natural.

As a youth baseball coach, be sure to demonstrate and give time to work on throwing drills on a consistent basis in your practice routine. It will benefit your team, but most importantly, it will prevent injuries from happening to your players.

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