by Michelle
(Greenville SC)

Are you allowed to tag a runner in the face so hard that it busts his mouth open?


Thanks for the question Michelle!

I don’t know this, but I am guessing you are a parent of a player that, either, had this happen to him or plays on a team where this happened… Either way, I am certain there were some strong emotions at the game when it happened.

In all honesty, like it or not, a tag is a tag. The runner is out. However, the umpire has discretion to toss a player out of the game for a blatant effort to hurt someone.

I do not know all of the circumstances at this particular game… If, as a coach, I thought it was blatant/intentional, then I would approach the umpire and ask him what he saw. The umpire has the final call on that and we must live with his decision.

In situations like this, try not to escalate the situation because our kids are watching how we, as adults, react. Stay calm and cool. Remember that most people don’t play sports to hurt others. They play to have fun.

I would love to hear comments from others about this type of situation… Has it happened to you? Comment below…