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By Dan O'Connell •  Updated: 11/18/18 •  3 min read

I am always interested in helping leagues. Below are some resources I have developed that will definitely help your league. I am particularly focused on education and how to make the best use of volunteer coaches time. A lot of my work on Season Ticker and Baseball Zone tries to allow coaches to spend as much time on the field as possible eliminating planning and administrative tasks as possible. So maybe there is some synergy here.

Practice Plans and Drills

With Baseball Zone, I provide customized practice plans. The big benefit here is coaches teaching similar skills and drills and the league having a guide for drill progression from younger ages up. The videos are helpful for head coaches learning new skills, showing assistant coaches so they can staff a station or for showing players so they can see the skill executed properly. We have preseason indoor plans and outdoor/spring plans.

The other benefit of Baseball Zone is it is a platform an experienced coach like yourself can customize for the less experienced coaches in your league. You can pick from our drills and practice plans or share yours. A great way to help coaches now and leave a lasting resource for the league if you ever move on from it.

League and Team Software

With Season Ticker, we have the best league software in the industry. Our newest product is a team website that is in beta right now. We have some solid team management features that make it easier for a coach to run a team. Parents like it because they are always up to date. We plan to implement additional cool features for coaches before the season starts such as a lineup rotation tool built directly into the website.

Sports League Management Software


I wrote an ebook that aims to get important baseball concepts across quickly for coaches and parents. Baseball Essentials covers over 200 tips on 100 important topics for learning and playing smart baseball. If you’re a busy coach, parent or player, you probably don’t have time to sift through dozens of books and training videos to find a tip on pitching, hitting, defense or baserunning.

Any help promoting the ebook would be much appreciated. Here is the link:

Coaching Clinics

I’m also working on a new project which provides a free online coaching clinic to coaches. Another way to help coaches and hopefully get some positive info out there. Check that out for sure:

Baseball Coaching Clinics

Coach Education

I am doing a couple of communication initiatives with rec leagues. I am providing newsletter content and links to further reading and the league is distributing it in an educational effort.

One example of our educational effort is the series of 20+ quizzes we offer on the My Youth Baseball website. The one for catchers is one of my favorites:

Dan O'Connell