By doconnell •  Updated: 04/20/14 •  2 min read

Learn How To Hit A Baseball – These baseball hitting drills are videos and short demos. They are my favorite and are created by a baseball friend of mine that owns the Hitting Machine Academy. I guarantee you will find these beneficial.

Insider Bat Drills – Some VERY good and simple baseball hitting drills (and fastpitch softball). Includes videos and most show how to incorporate the popular Insider Bat Hitting Tool.

Common Baseball Swing Flaws – Come in and watch some videos on some very common baseball swing flaws.

Mental Side of Hitting – Steve Springer, Toronto Blue Jays Performance Coach and Big League Scout, brings the best “Mental Side of the Game” product to you. Learn about getting quality at bats.

Hitting Stride Drills – Learning how to stride correctly is one of the top skills players need to learn at young age. Stepping in the bucket is a huge problem and must be overcome. Come in and watch a good video on baseball stride drills.

Drills For Bunting In Baseball – Bunting is a core skill that all baseball players need to learn. Teach your kids now!

Fence Drill – The fence drill is a simple drill, if done correctly, will help your player develop a quicker swing and teach him how to stay inside the baseball.

Youth Baseball Soft Toss Drill – Soft Toss is a basic drill that ALL players need to learn how to use. Teach your players the correct way.

Youth Baseball Front Toss Drill – I love this drill because it gives players a realistic point of view of where the ball is coming from and it is simple to throw consistent strikes.

One Hand Batting Drill – A great way to focus in on one part of the swing.

NOTE: Most of these drills can be used in conjunction with the Insider Bat. The Insider Bat is one of the hottest new baseball hitting tools out. I would recommend all baseball coaches and parents have one of these. Very simple to use and can be used about anywhere. For more information, go to my Insider Bat page.