Baseball In Game Mistakes that Require Immediate Correction

By doconnell •  Updated: 08/02/14 •  4 min read

Baseball Coaching Tips for In Games Mistakes that Require Immediate Correction

Most of the time, a baseball coach will wait to correct game problems at practice. However, there are certain problems that will need immediate correction due to the impact it is having on the team’s ability to compete. Let’s take a look at some Baseball Coaching Tips for In Games Mistakes that Require Immediate Correction.

#1 Hitting the Cutoff Man and Relays

Outfielders have the ability to turn a game ugly and fast. If outfielders are not hitting cutoffs it can cause baserunners to run wild around the bases. It can also cause a lack of force plays for the infielders to potentially record.

#2 Outfielders or Cutoff Men Who Hold onto the Ball Too Long

Outfielders or cutoff men holding onto the ball too long can be almost as big a problem as not hitting the cutoff man. The results are similar because it allows baserunners to advance freely if they wish. At the younger levels, it helps to have simple defensive instructions like outfielders always throw the ball to second base. As the players demonstrate a consistent ability to get the ball quickly to second, you can add other throwing options and cutoffs.

#3 Out of Control Baserunners

Baserunners who run into outs, get caught stealing and make other baserunning errors can be huge rally killers. The coach needs to put the breaks on these players and give them the short, game in progress version of the fundamentals of baserunning.

#4 Missing or Ignoring Signs

Part of being a team player is being attentive and watching for signs. Choosing to ignore signs is definitely not being a team player. Whatever the reason for missing the signs, the coach needs to straighten this type of problem out to ensure the entire team is on the same page.

#5 Throwing to the Wrong Bases

For younger player, the infield can get a little confusing sometimes. For example, with a runner on second base, the shortstop throws to third base for a force out which of course does not exist. Whatever may be causing the confusion, the coach needs to address infielders who are throwing to the wrong bases.

#6 Drastic Changes in Pitching Mechanics

The pitcher all of a sudden starts using a side-arm delivery which has the coach shaking their head. The problem with drastically changing pitching mechanics during the game is that it could go really good or it could go really bad. I’m personally not a gambling man and would instruct the pitcher to return to their standard style. I believe experimentation and drastic change should be reserved for practice.

#7 Drastic Change in Batting Stance

Well, we know how I feel about drastic change but what about batting stance? I don’t believe the batting stance is as big a deal as pitching mechanics. However, I do believe it’s a big deal. The change in stance could effect important factors like timing, plate coverage or even how the batter views the pitched ball. Again, I’m not a gambling man and would save experimentation for practice.

#8 Overly Aggressive Catcher

The are some really exciting catchers in the MLB who kids look up to. These catchers make throws from their knees and snap throws to first base to pick off runners among other outstanding plays. Some young catchers will go a little overboard in their attempts to emulate their heroes with the results being balls thrown into the outfield and runners going wild around diamond. A coach can not sit back and watch a catcher attempt bad throws and make poor decisions that affect the team.

#9 Playing Out of Position

A really important part of having a good offense is defensive positioning. Some players set themselves up for failure by simply not being in the right place at the right time.

#10 Obstruction

Obstruction is the act of an infielder impeding the progress of a baserunner. This usually occurs when a fielder is standing right in the runners base path and does not move. An infielder needs to understand that they must stand clear of the base path if they are not attempting to make a play on the runner or not in the act of fielding a batted ball.

Final Thoughts

There are some things that just can not wait to be corrected in practice. A Little League coach must address potential game changing issues during the game with the players who are struggling.