My Baseball Dugout Diaries is an area where I share my baseball experiences and memories as a coach and dad during the 2013 season.  From registration in late winter until I fill out player evaluations in August, you will have the opportunity to hear about my life as a youth baseball coach and dad.

This could be an interesting year and one that you may relate to because my son is trying out for traveling baseball for the first time. If he makes it, it is my hope to coach his traveling team.  If he doesn’t, I will be coaching an in-house team. Either way, he will be playing the game he loves and I will be coaching it.  What an awesome way to spend a spring and summer…  I get to be around the sport I love and hang out with my son all season!


Everyone can add to the baseball dugout memories…  Do you have any memories from your dugout days that you can share with everyone?

At the bottom of each diary entry will be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and comment on my posts.  Please take some time to occasionally add your thoughts and experiences.  This is the type of real information other parents and coaches are looking for.  People like to see if everyone has similar experiences to what they are going through.


Below is the list of all my entries with a date and short description.  Simply click the link and read that day’s entry!