Baseball Drill Games

By admin •  Updated: 09/24/12 •  2 min read

Baseball practice is the best when players are having fun instead of getting talked to and drilled. These fun baseball drills below are presented as games so the players can have fun, be competitive and learn all at the same time.

Three Against Nine

Three point batters have to get 11 points before nine fielders have get 11 outs. Points can be awarded for hitting the ball to the opposite field, scoring a run, hitting a sacrifice fly or bunting for a hit.


Players line up across from a partner and roll ground balls to each other. The receiving player gets two points for any grounder he fields outside his feet (encourages accuracy from the roller.) The roller gets a point if he rolls a ball between his partners legs (encouraging focus from the player receiving the grounder.) Once the players get the hang of this game, the pace of this drill gets turned up and players start really doing nice glove work.

Three Out Scrimmage

Three players bad until they make three outs. They then go play the field and three new batters are up.

Big Bat Battle

Using a big wiffleball bat and a tennis ball, younger players can scrimmage and play a faster pace game with bigger hits than they may ordinarily get. Encourages fast play and heads up fielding.

Tie It Together

We recommend working on throwing and drills for the first 2/3 of practice and saving a fun activity for the last 1/3 of practice. Once players know this format, the work harder in the first 2/3 of practice because they want to get to the game at the end of practice. We recommend using Baseball Zone practice plans to make sure you cover all the important areas players need to know before you get to the fun stuff. Get 25% off Baseball Zone memberships with the coupon code “MYB”. Join Baseball Zone and take advantage of their dozens of practice plans, over 200 drills and 100+ videos. Visit Baseball Zone at