Baseball Batting Tees

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Like any product on the market, there are good products and bad ones. When it comes to a good baseball batting tee, the same thing applies. You want a batting tee to be highly durable and made of quality materials so that it lasts. The tee should be one that provides the player a good view of the ball, doesn’t interfere with your swing and won’t damage a player’s bat.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best baseball batting tees on the market and looked closely at the features that make them popular.

CagePro Travel Batting Tee

[easyazon_infoblock align=”left” identifier=”B01DI3P9UG” locale=”US” tag=”myyouthbaseball-20″]The Cage Pro batting tees are highly recommended and are used at all levels whether it’s Little League, High School, Colleges and even among Professionals. They provide two different types of tees, the travel tee and the classic tee. The only difference between them is the classic tee has a heavier base and costs a bit more. Here are some of the key features of the Cage Pro tees.

Adjustable Height

This tee has an easy-to-use stem height adjustment and utilizes three types of rugged materials. Galvanized steel, thick-wall aluminum and moly/nylon matrix. These materials, along with durable, proprietary friction pads, results in a quiet, sturdy, height-adjustable tee that retracts lower, extends higher and retains its smooth, factory “feel” throughout its service life. It even drains itself of rainwater. Simple to adjust, there are no threaded collars or fittings to tighten…just push or pull to lower and raise, and hit away.


The ball perch uses a familiar rolled-rubber cone but with one key difference, it pivots. Because of that, players get a much softer feel when hitting and the pivot action makes it incredibly durable.

Base Construction

Cage Pro offers a cast iron base that comes in a 5 lb or 10 lb version. The round shaped base also provides advantages and tends to keep it in place during workouts.

Load and Stride Tee Drill

Tanner Tees

[easyazon_infoblock align=”left” identifier=”B00D3PNZB0″ locale=”US” tag=”myyouthbaseball-20″]Baseball hitting tees from Tanner are one of the most popular brands available. They come in four different models, the Heavy, the Original, the Big Base and the Home Plate, all slightly different in price and features. Here are some of the Tanner Tees key features.

For a heavier base, the Heavy model is best as it provides a 10 lb triangular shaped base. The triangular base provides for better balance, more stability and less “creep”. The heavier base can be purchased separately and different Tanner models can be unscrewed and screwed into the heavier base.

The stems are adjustable to a variety of heights and the Original model screws into a 9 inch 5 lb base. The product uses a hand-rolled flexible top that springs back into position after every swing. For a larger base tee, the Big Base model may be for you since it provides a larger 12 x 12 inch base for more stability and added weight.

Then there is the traditional Home Plate style tee that is extremely popular all the way down to the tee ball level of youth baseball. All Tanner tees can be broken down in seconds and will fit easily into any baseball travel bag and reassembled when needed.

G Tee

[easyazon_infoblock align=”left” identifier=”B00GTQAD5G” locale=”US” tag=”myyouthbaseball-20″]The G Tee is another highly reputable and quality provider of baseball batting tees. They offer a variety of different models with different height adjustments and weights.


G tees are highly durable and the rubber for the ball perch can withstand thousands of swings and still look how it did when it was first purchased. The telescoping upright which is adjustable is constructed of precision machined stainless steel and aluminum.


The G Tees come in several different size and shapes when it comes to the base. There are 9 x 9 or 12 x 12 square bases or you can pay a bit more and get the triad stainless steel base. All standard tees have a weight of 7 lbs but you can add an optional 10 lb weight plate for added stability.

The G Tee is one of the most popular baseball tees out there and is used by players of all ages and levels up to and including professionals.

These are just three of the most popular baseball batting tees on the market but if you are looking for quality batting tees this is a great place to get started.

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