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Baseball balk? Is there such thing as a catcher’s balk? Here is the question:

From George in New York:

During an intentional walk by his pitcher, can the catcher be backed-up by another player on his team?

It seems to me that most teams WOULD put a player behind the catcher to back him up in this situation if possible. I am guessing backing up the catcher on a pitch is not possible… Let me know and thanks for your help!


Thanks for the question George!

Baseball teams may not back the catcher up on an intentional walk. The only player that is allowed in foul territory is the catcher, and he must be within the catcher’s box before the pitch is thrown otherwise it is technically called a “catcher’s balk” in which case all base runners advance one base just like a pitcher’s balk.

You will probably never see this balk called in your lifetime, but that is the rule.

Thanks for the question George!