About Me & My Background

Youth baseball has been my passion ever since I was six years old. My mom decided to sign me up for tee-ball that spring and the rest is history… Every year since, I have either played baseball, coached a baseball team or did both. The sport of baseball has actually become something my entire family loves!

I have played youth baseball, high school baseball, collegiate baseball and amateur baseball in both Minnesota and Arizona. I have also coached youth traveling baseball, youth traveling softball and varsity high school baseball.

Currently, I am focusing on my own kids and instilling the love of the game in them. My 10 year old son has totally taken to the game and loves playing and attending games. My 13 year old daughter played a little bit of softball when she was younger, but has taken to the game of volleyball now. She still enjoys attending her brothers games and a Minnesota Twins game occassionally.

In the spring of 2009, I decided to create this little web site called My-Youth-Baseball.com. The goal was to give coaches around my community a place to find simple information on the game of baseball. Kind of help them out with drills, practices and how to better their youth baseball players… Well, after almost four years, the site has grown quite a bit… The site gets thousands of unique visitors per month and now has it’s own online store where people can purchase baseball items that I recommend. Everything in the store, I have personally used or read and feel it is worth while for you to have.

To make a long story short… Baseball is in my blood and I welcome you to My-Youth-Baseball.com!