A tip for keeping your baseball glove in good shape

By doconnell •  Updated: 04/26/14 •  1 min read

Avoid damaging your mitt in your bag

To keep your baseball glove in good shape, make sure never to store it empty or at the bottom of your baseball bag. Other equipment such as your helmet can easily lodge on top of it and cause it to flatten. Some players like a flatter met with a severe crease, but most baseball experts recommend keeping a big pocket in your mitt and the tips flared out.

Keep a good pocket in your mitt

Our recommendation is always to keep a baseball or two in your mitt or even a 12-inch softball sized wiffleball. Another tip is then to place it inside your helmet to save space and protect the baseball mitt further.

There are baseball products on the market that suggest putting a band around the baseball glove after putting a baseball in it to help aid forming that pocket, but we feel that closes the outside tips of the glove, therefore, decreasing the pocket when it is opened.

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