Youth baseball training videos are great tools for youth baseball coaches. From brand new coaches with zero experience to very knowledgeable coaches, all coaches can still learn new things by reading and watching others. This page will give you many opportunities to watch quality baseball training videos and get some free baseball drills to use at your practice.

Our Favorite Youth Baseball Instructional Videos

Below are a few of our favorite youth baseball videos.

Throwing to the Cutoff Man

Throwing Strikes to the Cutoff Man

Giving Signs With a Runner on Second

Each video is linked below and will have its own page. Enjoy!

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Hitting Mechanics Videos

Youth Baseball Pitch Count – In this video below, Karl Kuhn, University of Virginia Pitching Coach, talks about using a youth baseball pitch count and drills to help protect your young pitchers’ arms.

Hitting Stride Drills – Learning how to stride correctly is one of the top skills players need to learn at young age. Stepping in the bucket is a huge problem and must be overcome. Come in and watch this free baseball training video on baseball stride drills.

Jeff Bagwell Mental Approach To Hitting – Mr. Bagwell discusses how he approached his own mental side of hitting during his playing career. He also discusses the first time he met Cal Ripken. This is a great resource!

Tee Ball Tips With Jim Weldon – This free video on Tee Ball Tips includes long-time youth baseball coach Jim Weldon detailing what he has learned during his experiences as a youth baseball coach.


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