If you have not guessed already, we love the MaxBP pitching machine. We use it for batting practice, hitting drills, catcher drills and defensive drills.

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Our favorite MaxBP drills:

Bunting With the MaxBP


Playing 500 With the MaxBP


Clean Catches Catcher Drill With the MaxBP


Coming in on the Ball Drill With the MaxBP


Defensive Drills With the MaxBP


Different Pitches With the MaxBP


Drop Step Drill With the MaxBP


Using the Insider Bat With the MaxBP


Knowing the Drills to Practice With the MaxBP


Lateral Movement Drill With the MaxBP


MaxBP Popup Attachment


Moving the MaxBP With a Tripod


No Legs Drill With the MaxBP


Offspeed Pitches With the MaxBP


Popups in the Sun With the MaxBP


Pro MaxBP With the Three Ball Drop


Rapid Fire Drill With the MaxBP


Soft Hands Drill With the MaxBP


Staying in Front of the Ball With the MaxBP


Stealing a Home Run With the MaxBP


Tagging Drill With the MaxBP


Tracking a Ball Overhead With the MaxBP


Why You Should Get a MaxBP