Buying Buckets of Baseballs

You can get baseball buckets with a variety of quality of baseballs in a bucket with a padded lid. Empty buckets are useful for collecting baseballs during batting practice and drills.

Here are some good buckets of baseballs at reasonable prices.

My Buckets of Baseballs

I like to keep my buckets of baseballs separated by quality. I have a bucket for dry days and a bucket of used baseballs for wet days. Older baseballs are kept in a bucket for hitting drills where you do not need a high-quality baseball.

Plain Baseball Buckets

I also have purchased empty baseball buckets and put a team sticker on it. The baseball bucket looks sharp and I always know which one is mine.

Baseball Bucket Drills

We use baseball buckets in certain drills. We may hop over it for a crow hop drill. We also use it as a target for throwing to base drills.

Baseball Bucket Game

We have a fun game we like to play at the end of practices that utilizes our baseball bucket. It really gets the players focused and the competitive nature of the game really makes the players work hard. Learn hoe to play the game here:

The Baseball Bucket Game

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