Intro: 5 minutes to talk about what’s going on for the day.

Tryout drills should include:

  1. Warm-ups
  2. Playing Catch
  3. 90 Foot Run
  4. Outfield throws
  5. Infield Throws
  6. Catching pop-times
  7. Hitting
  8. Bullpens
  1. Warm-ups: to be done on your own (5 minutes)
  2. Playing Catch: to be done with a partner, get loose and ready to perform (10 minutes)
  3. 90 Foot Run: Everyone will run and will start at home plate take a swing and proceed to run to 1st base. 2 people will be recording times with a stopwatch and each player will have 2 opportunities to run if they wish.(8 minutes)
    • Runners will be critiqued on form, break down after touching first, and speed.
  4. Outfield throws: Outfielders will line up in right field, and have a series of pop-ups and grounders presented to them. The objective is to field the balls correctly and have a strong throw home to the catcher. (15 minutes)
    • You will be critiqued on your fielding abilities, your velocity on the ball thrown home, and accuracy.
  5. Infield throws: Infielders will line up at shortstop and have a series of grounders to throw across the field to the first basemen. It will be 3 regular groundballs, 1 backhand, 1 slow roller, and ending with a regular grounder for a total of 6 balls. First basemen will receive 3 grounders and throw across to third base after all the infielders have gone. (15 minutes)
    • You will be critiqued on your footwork and glove abilities, your velocity on the ball across the diamond, and accuracy.
    • First basement will be critiqued by their receiving ability, along with the same criteria as the regular infielders.
  6. Catching, pop- times: Catchers will have a player throw 5 baseballs to the catcher and then will throw to second base to another player to then find there pop time. (10 minutes)
    • Catchers will be critiqued on receiving abilities, velocity across the diamond, and accuracy on the throw to 2nd base.
  7. Hitting: All the hitters will have a chance to hit. Each person will receive 2 rounds of 8 pitches. Catchers will go first so they can catch the Pitchers. ( 25 minutes)
    • Hitters will be critiqued on their swing, power, and location where they hit the ball. They will be using wood bats to involve a higher concentration of barreling up the ball.
  8. Bullpens: Pitchers will have 15-20 pitches, consisting of 8-10 fastballs, 2-3 changeups, and 2-3 curveballs. Pitch counts may differ by amount of pitches a player has, and players may be asked to throw more pitches if necessary. (25 minutes)
    • Pitchers will be critiqued on their velocity, mechanics, and accuracy of pitches. Looking for good composure and live arms.


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