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Baseball Practice Equipment

Having the right equipment for baseball practice drills allows your team to run drills efficiently and effectively. Read our recommendations on baseball practice equipment here:

Baseball Practice Equipment

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As a youth baseball coach, I have found that using simple youth baseball drills is a much more effective way to coach my players. Have you ever watched a youth baseball coach try to teach a complicated hitting drill to a young player? I have and my experience tells me that most young baseball players don’t understand those complicated youth baseball drills!

When I am coaching a youth baseball team or coaching my kid at home, I try to follow the K.I.S.S. method. K.I.S.S. stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid” or “Keep It Super Simple.” Whichever you prefer!

These simple youth baseball drills improve a player’s performance. They also help with a player’s confidence because he/she fully understands the drill. Heck, even major league baseball players use these simple baseball drills on a daily basis!

Youth baseball hitting drills such as basic soft toss, hitting off a tee and the fence drill can teach great mechanics if they are done correctly. By using simple youth baseball drills and tools like the Insider Bat make the game of baseball understandable and more enjoyable for your young player.

Don’t be the coach that thinks he/she has to be Mr. Technical. Keep It Simple Stupid! 🙂

Below are links to some of these free & simple youth baseball drills.

NOTE: Before reading about baseball practice drills, download the Free Baseball Practice Plans Template. Very simple to download and it will also include my popular Free Baseball Lineup Rotation Template. After you have those helpful tools, you can create research your practice drills and record them on your template!

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